Minggu, 22 November 2009

Building Networksof People

Leaders need to work hard at the task of building networks
of people - these combinations can take the form of relationships, partnerships, councils, coalitions and similar groupings.

These "groups" are important to leaders and their followers because of the following benefits:

1) Enables connections to the wider world
2) Empowers through shared wisdom and experiences
3) Expands the sphere of influence
4) Encircles the scope of concerns or issues
5) Energizes opportunities for growth and wellness

Leaders can enjoy great success when they focus on strengthening their ability to competently construct, develop, care-for, expand and enhance these living organisms.

Inside the Leadership-Toolkit you are shown over 101 ways to enhance, nurture and shape your "internal" & "external" networks - you'll learn how to enrich your "social capital"!

Without these organic relationships, leaders will find their mission to lead is no longer desired or needed by anyone.

Here's a way for you to improve your relationships, friendships and partnerships with others - tell them about
"Your Leadership Power Tips and Book" - it's your duty to nurture the people you know and love and work with, so you should share your good things with them, shouldn't you?

You can start to empower your associates, family and friends by using this link to our online "Tell-A-Friend" form, you'll be so glad that you did!

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