Minggu, 28 Februari 2010

Points of Passion – What are You Excited About this Week?

Not many things feel as good as experiencing the perfect day. You know the feeling, when everything seems to just go right. I know some of you reading this are thinking… “How about the perfect hour” that would be a good start.
The thing about the perfect day that is important to understand is that they don’t happen by accident. Many times it seems like an accident, but in reality there are a couple of things that happen when everything just seems to go right.
For starters, the perfect day almost always has at least one, if not several moments that are highly anticipated. That could be a show you’ve been waiting to see, a meeting with a close friend, a dinner at a special restaurant, anything that you are genuinely excited about doing.
I call these moments points of passion, and they can have an incredibly profound impact on the rest of your less exciting moments. The reason they are so profound, is because of the emotional momentum they create in the way that you look at the rest of the your day.
This may seem extremely obvious, but if you are trudging through task after task throughout the day and there is nothing you are looking forward to, there are going to be plenty of things that can and will go wrong. When this happens, little frustrations and aggravations began to build. “Why is happening to me,” starts playing in your mind and can quickly turn into “This kind of stuff is Always happening to me.” And you know that when that track plays in your mind again and again… frustrating things DO happen to you all the time!
The opposite of that is when you have a point of passion ahead of you, you will have added energy and enthusiasm to deflect the little things that aren’t going exactly as planned. Your computer crash turns into a good reason to go to lunch a little early, your broken down car turns into an opportunity to drive home from work with your spouse, and nothing has the power break your stride.
Dive on in! Each day for the next week I am going to encourage you to start planning some things that your are excited about and posting them for others to read.

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